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Hollywood Licensing Group (HLG), spends seven figures on an animation for China, "BIG TRIP&quot

Hollywood Licensing Group's Chairman, CEO, Anthony Cohen inks the deal for his China Distribution company Bridgegate Films Shanghai. The purchase price of this amazing 3-D animation is private and has not been released but we have confirmed HLG has agreed to a seven figure amount which is not something new in the animation world. Some companies spend upward of 75 to 100 Million dollars in creating and making 3-D animations which take about 1-2 years to complete.

"BIG TRIP" is scheduled to be completed December of 2018, and HLG has plans to release the animation February of 2019. BIG TIRP will be in english with Chinese subtitles. HLG will be in talks with ALIBABA, one of China's largest film production and distribution company owned by Jack Ma. Hoping to reach an agreement in profit sharing for the release of this 3-D animation. Big Trip is the story of a dizzy stork who drops off a panda from China by mistake in San Diego ZOO, where a bear and a hare decide to return him to his home, main land China. This is the fun and exciting journey they take to accomplish their task.

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