Producer/ Director Anthony G. Cohen has acquired coveted

film script “Anne Bonny” by writer M. Hanson.

Cohen, Head of Bridgegate Films, is now seeking financing

for this larger-than-life, historical thriller about the

wildly notorious female pirate, Anne Bonny.


After much speculation about this highly sought after

script, Cohen was able to secure the rights for “Anne

Bonny” following negotiations on a shared vision for this

major motion picture.


Mari Priscilla Hanson spent seven years researching,

piecing together, and writing this elegant biographical

thriller about the worlds most infamous, and ruthless,

female pirate.  Anne Bonny is a powerful force to be

reckoned with.


Anne Bonny 

Just released, Anne Bonny feature film is on the way.

Hollywood, Ca.

Executive Producer Anthony G. Cohen, announced today that he is reaching out to China Film Group to present a possible co-promotion and distribution of his new 3-D animation "THE BIG TRIP" in Mainland China. He added, "China Film Group" is the premiere company to deal with in China and I am hoping to get their interest next month, on my visit to their office in Beijing. Having China Film Group as a partner with Hollywood Licensing Group is our ultimate goal. I think the synergy and the potential of having such partnership can benefit HLG and CFG for many years to come".

Hollywood Licensing Group, was the company that brought the epic movie "WIND RIVER", staring Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olson to China in 2017. But our partners in China have not yet been able to revive a release date yet. By dealing directly with China Film Group, we hope to eliminate such delays and could create a bridge so we can bring more amazing films to the people of republic of China. Our goal is to create a billion dollars company in China with help from China Film Group. We are a production and distribution and licensing Group that can handle any film from 5MM to 200MM dollars, from script to delivery and distribution.

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