Executive Producer Anthony G. Cohen, announced today that he is reaching out to China Film Group to present a possible co-promotion and distribution of his new 3-D animation "THE BIG TRIP" in Mainland China. He added, "China Film Group" is the premiere company to deal with in China and I am hoping to get their interest next month, on my visit to their office in Beijing. Having China Film Group as a partner with Hollywood Licensing Group is our ultimate goal. I think the synergy and the potential of having such partnership can benefit HLG and CFG for many years to come".

Hollywood Licensing Group, was the company that brought the epic movie "WIND RIVER", staring Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olson to China in 2017. But our partners in China have not yet been able to revive a release date yet. By dealing directly with China Film Group, we hope to eliminate such delays and could create a bridge so we can bring more amazing films to the people of republic of China. Our goal is to create a billion dollars company in China with help from China Film Group. We are a production and distribution and licensing Group that can handle any film from 5MM to 200MM dollars, from script to delivery and distribution.

Angelino's Adventure

Saudi Arabia is the #1 exporter of terrorism in the World! Have we forgotten all 17 of the terrorists that attacked the United States on 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia? America wake the F —- up! Saudi’s plotted, trained and executed a terrorist act that killed over 3000 Americans right here in America and have been financing ISIS that have been killing our military men and women overseas for years. Are we as American’s that stupid to want to defend our #1 enemy? 

“By way of Deception they want U.S. to go to war”

Saudi Arabia teaches kids in school from 1st grade up to the day they die that Americans are rats with legs, and they should kill Americans should be murdered and killed by all means necessary. If you don't know that then you should not talk about defending Saudi Arabia on any situation. 


United States Citizens and Armed Forces Security Agency, U.S.C.A.F.S.A, (U.S.-CAF-SA), has recognized Saudi Arabia as number one enemy of United States. Anyone deeming necessary for us to send our Troops into war with any country is a traitor to the United States and should be brought on such charges and in prisoned for treason .  Our government has been infiltrated by foreign powers and is being controlled by foreign powers.  As far as I am concerned, Mr. Trump has yet one promise to fulfill and that is to yet drain the swamp of the foreign government influenced staff, senators and politicians that only want the best for foreign interests over United States. I must applaud our President for accomplishing so much in so little time, he is a man of his words, a man of great character and an absolute business genius, which this country should be proud to have for our president. 


On other hand, Pompeo is a sell out trash that visits with our number 1 enemy to close deals behind closed doors, using the word “ally” to receive money in exchange for military arsenal, that Saudi’s have no idea how to use and are basically killing thousands of people target practicing in Yemen, killing thousands of unarmed women and children, which in return their bloods are on our hands by any standard, we should be responsible and not be giving Saudi’s misses that they can not guide or know how to use. Pompeo is literally creating more enemies for the United States, our governments actions by meddling in Middle East is wrong and we should let Saudi’s handle their own issues and not be a part of it what so ever. 


I will personally not allow one more drop of America blood shed over oil and money that lines the pocket of few rich foreign interests that has no gain for the United States. Our troops are not puppets and are only to be used in the defense of the United States of America and not for foreign power interests and their personal pockets. 




Anyone in the United States government that pushes for war, Democrat or Republican is a traitor to our flag, citizens and our troops, these people including many senators like Lindsay Graham are looking for their 15 seconds of fame since without pushing for such issues makes them irrelevant in the media or their personal life.


No one should be sitting back and believing that Iran had anything to do with the attacks in Saudi Arabia  or the oil tankers attacks last month without proof,  These late scenarios that have played out have been plotted by foreign government secret services to create the outlook that Iran is behind these actions. We need to look at what country and what government will have the most to gain if United States goes to war with Iran. 


If by Iran is at fault by supporting Yemen, then We are at fault for supporting the Saudi’s and therefore killing thousands of innocent women and children . We need to keep our American troop and soldiers out of these hideous wars that will that will never help our country. These wars have been going on for thousands of years and will still go on for another thousand years if we happen to keep our earth around without destroying it. 


I am personally going to Iran to speak with the high ranking government officials to see if there is anything we can do to prevent any future military actions from both sides. Since no one is doing anything about it, but just talk about foreign government policy solutions which ends us in a war path with Iran. “Enough is Enough”. We should be proud of our president for being smart and showing restraint, specially in a situation which he is being directed in a warpath by all these foreign power controlled puppets in the white house, calling themselves Senators and Ally’s of The United States, knowing damn well, no matter if Iran is behind it or not, the agenda of the foreign countries, “Their Final Solution”  is to wipe Iran from the map by creating another Iraq and Syria in Iran. “By way of Deception” 


No-one can prove Iran had anything to do with these attacks what so ever. Iran is a foreign country that can and will defend itself agains any foreign aggressions and these aggressions can not come from the United States of America. As an American and a fighter for my country and our troops I am risking my life to go to Iran for such talks and I urge all Americans to stand behind the truth and ask the tough question, why would Iran attack Saudi Arabia? The part that was attacked had not been working for years, and anyone could buy those drones on black market as well as U.S. made arsenal. This is staged by a foreign government, for only one purpose and that is too rid of their number 1 enemy by having the U.S Military enter the war with Iran. They want us to put our soldiers in harms way so few top politicians can profit. 


We need to focus on our own situation, California is a disgrace, homelessness is at all time high, our retired troops can not get any help from the VA. Getting medication is an act of god in our country, and these soldiers have put their lives at risk and fought for our country, and the VA’s response to their incredible heroism is “We can not get you you’r meds!” 


Our precious presidents have ruined millions of American lives but putting them at harms way, without any remorse of afterthought, now, a few that have benefited from all these wars have created their own personal companies that are making millions overseas from war torn countries providing security to oil companies and foreign billionaire investors. (A very few) These people that are taking advantage of others paid and suffering, are now on the media talking about how important it is to go to war with Iran. These people should not be able to speak so freely on the media, and the only reason they get a chance to speak is very simple. The agenda is to pull a wool over the American people’s eyes and do what ever they want to in the middle east for the control of the oil and distribution of goods which is in the billions per day. 


America Wake the F—- up!!! We need to realize war by way of deception is not something we are willing to fall for again. America will go to war if it is attacked, within a second with any country that puts our people and troops in harms way, but, not for personal gain of some politicians that only want to impress their masters.